Top 7 best web hosting for WordPress in India 2022

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This article is about the best web hosting in India based on my personal reviews.

I didn’t do deep and thorough research, I didn’t notice the features and read reviews of the web hosting users, I just randomly chose the first one came across on my search window.



I’m not talking about anyone else, but I would share my own bitter experience, the web host that I selected was extremely slow (it took ages to move a little bit). I couldn’t rely on it as my profile was offline regularly without any understandable reason. With the cherry on top, you can’t complain about it because they also own a terrible customer care service. They don’t even bother to help you out.

I used to burst into flames because my site wasn’t working right. Finally, it took me a while to analyze the main problem was with my web hosting website.

After that horrible experience, I made sure to get all the updates and information about the best web hosting websites in India. I have tested dozens of different web hosts, some were good while others were not even considered. With my terrible experience, I realized that your web host is way too much Important than you think, and paying extra sensitive attention before choosing one is the best thing to do. After all, it is your website engine that has the power to determine all such as

  • Speed
  • Security
  • Reliability
  • Peace of mind

 A poor web host can create unreliable and slow results. And this will affect the trust and loyalty of your visitors. It can even drag your conversions and sales down.  

So I’m repeating choosing the best web hosting site is the most important yet tricky one. But don’t worry I have pulled together India’s best web hosting websites. These are one of their kind along with reliable, fast, and affordable services. Some are related to budget web hosting with excellent features.

While you’re on the journey of crossing the web hosting provider for you must consider the following features in your mind.

  • Availability of cPanel
  • Unmetered transfer
  • Domains
  • Backups
  • Storage space
  • Support
  • Price

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are affiliate links and at no additional cost to you, I’ll earn a commission. When you purchase the products using my affiliate link, they compensate me, which helps make this guide free of charge to you.

Here are the top 7 best web hosting in India in 2022 let’s take a look.

1. Hostinger

Hostinger web hosting

It has 5-star ratings by the user. This is known best for business as well as single web hosting.

Best budget web hosting in India as it has three pricing plans (select which one suits you the most every plan has its charm) that is, for single web hosting Rs. 45 per month, premium web hosting for Rs. 119 every month and business web hosting for Rs. 189 every month. If you don’t get satisfied with the service they also promise you 30 days money-back guarantee.

Hostinger provides web hosting services at the lowest possible prices. It will help you in building your first website or can provide the services for your existing sites. With Hostinger, you will get the ultimate speed and unlimited resources. You will get unlimited web hosting, free domain name, website builder, and WordPress Hosting.

Here to discuss some Features

  • It supports fully PHP and MySQL
  • It will provide you with a fully optimized WordPress hosting
  • For protection and security, I have a feature to provide platinum BitNinja DDoS sort of protection
  • Gives Free SSL with signup
  • Provides shared hosting

Here are some technical details

  • Max no. of websites (unlimited)
  • Max Storage (unlimited)
  • Bandwidth (unlimited)
  • Speed(385 ms)
  • Uptime (0.999)
  • Support Type (Live chat 24/7/365)


  1. Provides free templates
  2. Provides unlimited email accounts
  3. It has a builder of drag and drop
  4. Cheap web hosting site


  1. You cannot get access to live chat without having an account.
  2. There will be no provision of cPanel.

The customer care service of Hostinger is excellent as it provides services 24/7 every day every week and every year. But unfortunately, If you don’t have an account you can not get access to the chat.

Along with that Hostinger provides services of web hosting from single websites to unlimited websites. It also provides multiple services as four times processing power and daily backups.

2. Bluehost

BlueHost web hosting

Bluehost is another very efficient and reliable web hosting website in India, the ratings are 4.5 stars. Apart from that, Bluehost is best for blogs, New websites or moderate to websites of high traffic.  

The pricing of the Bluehost is a bit expensive than Hostinger but the services it provides are worth the cost. There are four plans provided by the website basic, plus, choice plus and pro. For basic, it will cost Rs. 299 per month, for plus it will cost Rs. 459 per month, for choice plus it will cost Rs. 459 per month and for a pro, it will cost Rs.1159 per month. The Bluehost will also give you a money-back guaranty.

Here are the services which Bluehost provides.

  • Shared hosting
  • VPS hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • WordPress hosting services

It provides services that are best for business owners as well as individuals. It has a full set of tools with a complete solution for web hosting.


  • Built-in security
  • Very easy to use dashboard
  • Support of intern names domain
  • Protection to spam assassin
  • Provides a free shared SSL certificate

Here are some technical details

  • Max no. of websites (unlimited)
  • Max Storage (unlimited)
  • Bandwidth  (unlimited)
  • Server Type (Linux)
  • Speed (424 ms)
  • Uptime (0.9999)

Support Type (24/7 support type through email, calls and online chat)


  1. It will provide you unlimited storage plus plans and email accounts.
  2. For a one-year free domain name.
  3. It also has a Drag and drops, website builder.


  1. They will cost you for the services of website migration.

Customer support

It will provide excellent customer service support you will get a response within seconds or minutes.


Bluehost promises its customers to provide reliable and secure services of website hosting. It provides features of e-commerce and website scripts. Thanks to Bluehost your website will be fully customizable.  

3. HostGator

Hostgator web hosting

4.7 stars have been achieved by HostGator, known for the best web hosting in India for enterprises and small businesses.

HostGator offers the guarantee of money back if you don’t get satisfied with the services. HostGator also offers 4 plans of pricing that is, web hosting which starts for Rs. 99 per month, Reseller hosting for Rs. 1699 per month, VPS hosting for Rs. 1495 every month and WordPress hosting for Rs 249 every month.

It is efficient in providing a powerful set of web hosting along with lightning-fast servers in India. HostGator can offer plans for single to unlimited domains.


  • HostGator provides advanced supports programming languages and MySQL unlimited database with the access of phpMyAdmin.
  • HostGator has three website content copies. It will help in recovering in any failure case.  
  • HostGator makes the usage of servers to provide your website uptime as maximum by “Intel Xeon-E5 Dual Quad-Core Processor w/Hyperthreading
  • HostGator offers free SSL for free with its shared hosting packages.

Here are some of the technical features

  • Max RAM (6GB)
  • Max Storage (Unmetered)
  • Bandwidth  (Unmetered)
  • Speed (984 ms)
  • Server Type (Linux)
  • Uptime (0.999)
  • Support Type (24/7 support services)


  1. A free certificate of SSL
  2. With WHM control panel cPanel is available
  3. It provides features of enhanced email management
  4. Cheap web hosting


  1. The nonavailability of web hosting only for windows servers.

Customer Service

Excellent customer services with multiple assistance such as chat, email, phone, etc. available 27/7 a week.


HostGator can provide local currency transactions, localized India hosting, gateways of local payments, and support of local language.  

4. SiteGround

Siteground web hosting

One of my personal top favourites is SiteGround with 5 stars given by users. This is the best web hosting in India for medium and small websites.

There are three pricing offer plans for the web hosting provided by SiteGround. That is, Startup for Rs 276 every month, GrowBig for Rs 425 every month, GoGeek for Rs 835 every month.

SiteGround will make your website management very easy. It provides multiple excellent services all are my favourite.  

  • It provides services for Web Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • WooCommerce Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting

Features with excellent performance rates and Ultra-fast Sites.

  • Top-notch Security
  • Managed WordPress
  • Easy Site Management
  • Domain Management
  • Reliable Email Service
  • Let’s Encrypt provides free SSL certificates

Advanced Features

  • With GoGeek and GrowBig plans, SideGround provides the features of different hosting sites with even a single account, caching, dynamic along with the tool of easy staging.
  • With GoGeek plan the user will be able to get more advanced priority support with server power and integration of easy Git.
  • For the provision of a fast and reliable website, it gets access to the servers with PHP7 and SSD disks with OpCache.

Here are some technical details

  • Max no. of websites (Unlimited)
  • Max Storage (30 GB)
  • Bandwidth  (Unmetered)
  • Speed (714ms)
  • Uptime (0.9999)
  • Support Type (24/7 customer support services that provide services through chat, ticket, and phone.


  1. Daily free backup
  2. A free site builder


  1. Different services are not available with the basic plan.

Customer Service

It provides excellent customer care services.


it has features of services included free website transfer, website building, and managed services for the users of WordPress.

5. HostPapa

Hostpapa web hosting

With 4.7 stars HostPapa is the best web hosting in India for small businesses.

HostPapa provides three different plans for web hosting which are for starter Rs. 99 every month, for business Rs. 99 every month and for business Pro Rs 699 every month.

The services of web hosting are provided for small businesses by HostPapa. It has multiple good features such as

  • Website builder
  • Speed & performance
  • Marketing & SEO
  • eCommerce
  • Features such as social media and mobile


  • Very easy to use control panel
  • A website with professional looking designs and mobile-friendly templates
  • Its servers are extremely protected with firewalls, intrusion detection, and enhanced security features
  • When you sign to any plan of HostPapa you will automatically get an SSL certificate free

Here are some technical details

  • Max no. of websites (unlimited)
  • Max Storage (unlimited)
  • Bandwidth (Unmetered)
  • Speed (912 ms)
  • Uptime (0.999)
  • Support Type (24/7 customer care support services are available through phone, tickets and live chats)


  1. Plans of enterprise-grade email
  2. No setup fees are involved and it provides a free domain name
  3. Website builder of Drag and drop


  1. According to online reviews, it has very high rates of renewal.

Customer Service

Excellent customer care services with fast and helpful replies available 24/7 every week.


The company provides very friendly WordPress hosting. It can provide analytics and statistics for a website. It has SEO TOOLS. HostPapa helps its users to get access to the easy to use free website and tools for migration. It will give you the capacity to have personalized unlimited addresses of email to the names of your domain.

6. A2 Hosting

A2 hosting

4.9 stars with best known for the popular sites to New blogs and for developers too, considered as the best web hosting in India.

The pricing criteria Is also very reliable as it will provide you with a 30-day money-back guarantee. It has four plans which as shared hosting with Rs. 275.18, Reseller hosting with 927.31 every month, VPS hosting with 341.43 every month, and dedicated hosting with 6999.89 every month.

Following are the services it provides

  • Shared Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • Dedicated Hosting
  • Offers services for windows servers as well as Linux


  • For fast hosting, it Uses turbo server
  • Developer friendly hosting
  • Multiple features such as ID Protection, Free DNS MANAGEMENT, Protection of domain theft
  • Free SSL certificate on the two hosting services site security and enhanced visitor

Here are the technical details

  • Max RAM 8Gb
  • Max Storage (unlimited)
  • Bandwidth (unlimited)
  • Server Type (windows and Linux)
  • Uptime (0.999)
  • Support system (24/7 available for the customer assistance Guru crew support)


  1. Global data centers
  2. Variety options in SSL certificate such as premium SSL and Advanced SSL


  1. Not all plans have windows server option.
  2. Lowest plans have only five databases and limitation of one website.
  3. incredible customer care.


Unlimited storage and bandwidth along with fast web hosting solutions for Windows servers and Linux.

7. GoDaddy


With 4.5 starts GoDaddy is standing as the best web hosting in India for single to multiple sites. It also has the capacity to handle intelligently complex sites with heavy traffic.

There are 4 pricing plans for GoDaddy for windows web hosting, which is the starter that comes in Rs. 99 every month, the Economy comes in Rs. 199 every month, Deluxe comes in Rs. 239 every month and the ultimate one comes in 399 per month. Excellent affordable prices with an excellent range of services, what else do you need?

GoDaddy provides excellent services including an easy to use control panel. It helps in the performance of 24/7 monitoring and also helps in taking the backups automatically. GoDaddy can provide services from one website to an unlimited one.


  • DDoS protection
  • For windows hosting, it is able to provide unlimited MSSQL databases, MySQL, and FTP users
  • It provides features of restoring direct database access or database backup and DNS management for Linux Web Hosting
  • Free SSL certificate for one year

Here are some of the technical details

  • Max no. of websites (unlimited)
  • Max Storage (unlimited)
  • Bandwidth (Unmetered)
  • Server Type (Linux and Windows)
  • Uptime (0.999)
  • Support Type (provides 24/7 expert support system)


  1. On-demand resources can be available
  2. Provides cPanel


  1. The economy plan doesn’t allow unlimited websites
  2. Restoration fees
  3. Can be Uptime issues
  4. Sometimes there are problems with internal speed


The process of 24/7 monitoring by GoDaddy. It provides services of web hosting in India for Windows and Linux. It also provides a free certificate of SSL for one year.

These are my top favourite best web hosting in India. Although every user comes with their preferences such as one is looking for a cheap web hosting site and the other one is not willing to compromise on quality and efficiency no matter what’s the price is. But I would say the intelligent one keeps both points in his head because of its amazing features. Excellent quality at a reasonable price, this is one I would recommend you to look at. The above 7 are the complete examples of excellent services at affordable prices although some are with expensive plans the services are worth the money.

Just pick any one of these and start Your website right away. As Hostinger has excellent features and provides web hosting at lower prices (this one is my top favourite), Bluehost can provide services for multiple areas such as blogs, websites, and moderate to high traffic websites. HostPapa is best for small businesses as its plan starts with only 99 per month.  Choose the best one that suits you and start making money.

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