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This is an expansive SEO keywords tool that keyword research, SEO practices, website health and other things that are tied to digital marketing. SEMrush allows business become more prominent online through systematic operations allows for the smooth running of that company.

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The world of SEO encompasses a lot of intricate elements necessary in the building of a solid brand online and even offline. The audience is drawn to what they see your business do whether in your status updates or articles on your blogs, SEM is a crucial variable to the image of any business nowadays. As a result of the technological advancements the world has totally embraced, there is really no way your business can function without a viable online presence. People are constantly looking for solutions to problems every minute and if your business can help with that then how can they find you. In essence, the key is to driving traffic to your website hence the need for SEMrush review.

 Search Engine marketing entails the simple but advanced way of making your business public to anyone and everyone who might need your services. SEO and SEM are two unique ways through which you can expand your business to a vast majority of people in your locality and even all over the world. As such there are tools embedded in SEO that allow brands become more visible to the public.

If you are looking to employ a strong SEO system for your business and you are considering tools to make that switch. SEMrush is your answer. Now, as you can see I am very dramatic with the narrations being added to this article but this review should give you a fair knowledge of what the tool is about.

Most businesses incorporating SEO into their activities would probably be conversant with this tool but why don’t we do one better by giving an insightful review to see the reason SEMrush is a prime tool for businesses content marketing strategies.

What is SEMrush?

This is an expansive SEO keywords tool that keyword research, SEO practices, website health and other things that are tied to digital marketing. SEMrush allows business become more prominent online through systematic operations allows for the smooth running of that company.

An important element of SEMrush is the fact that businesses use it to replicate competitors success. It allows you to take a closer look at how other people implement their marketing strategies and also indicate ways of combating them. This efficient digital marketing tool saves time and effort affording you the luxury to seizing opportunities when they appear.

There are some features we need of SEMrush we need to understand to fully digest the usefulness of the tool. Here are some of those characteristics:

Keyword research tools

SEMrush has a blistering array of keyword research tools that make creating content for your blog, website and social media very easy. I see your excitement, you basically do not have to worry about the topics to work on as the tools help to analyse the popular keywords used in your field. There are other keyword research tools SEMrush uses to plan your SEO, these sub-tools (if you will) have their peculiar functions.  Let’s take a look.

Keyword magic tool

One beautiful thing about reviews is i can say undiluted opinion about a topic without feeling weird. This is me being objective but this has to be one of the best tools in the SEMrush arsenal. Frankly, this is my favorite tool when working for clients. You might want to opt for this tool because of the plethora of keywords available in its database. This allows you to see the range of keywords that are peculiar to your business and how to use them when incorporating your content.

While using the keyword magic tool, you get access to the following benefits:

  • Long-tail keywords
  • Average monthly volume of searches.
  • Keyword difficulty
  • CPC (average cost to advertise for the keyword)
  • Competition for entering Adwords auctions
  • Number of SERP Features found for the keyword

Keyword Analyser tool

The ease to which SEMrush operates with is very admirable, not only does the tool help to identify keywords people are searching for in your field. It also separates the keyword got further analysis in order for you to properly position yourself. In retrospect, this tool helps you providing a platform for your business to implement strategies guaranteed to rank higher when keywords are being typed by the audience.

Position Tracking Tool

As the name implies, this tool allows you to know how the keywords being selected and analysed are being used and which other businesses are targeting them. Through this tool, you get weekly updates of how the competitors are ranking for those words. Exploring their landing pages through adequate information given by this tool will empower you to do even better than your competitors and lure the public with your strategies. Think of the tool as a cheat sheet to getting new ideas for your page or more like setting yourself apart from the crowd.

Another interesting feature is the tool allows you to see how you are faring in local rankings. This will show you where you are slacking and how to promptly address the issue in order to boost your brand image and become more visible to people.


Domain Overview tool

This tool is more inclined to your website, it lets you know what is going on based on SEO activities. Primarily, it will give em overview of the keywords that are pushing traffic to your website, that is, the words people search for that eventually brings them to your website. Asides this, the domain overview tool of SEMrush will give you a detailed account of the amount of traffic your SEM is pulling.

The domain overview tool will also show you a detailed graph of organic and paid sources and each position distribution. This means the tool will tell you the organic keywords that is pushing traffic to your website and how they rank, the same applies to paid searches. You must be wondering in what way does this make me better than the competitors?

With this tool, you get to see a graph showing your competitors positioning in relation to yours based on the number of keywords you both are targeting. Conclusively, the tool allows you to see the backlinks that refer your site.

Organic Research tool

Organic in the world of SEO means anything that comes naturally without being paid for. Organic growth entails your business growing through consistency in content creation for your social media, website and blogs.

This tool allows you to see the free keywords that are pushing traffic to your website, the different position gains and losses, the estimated number of searches for that particular keyword and the SERP.

The organic research tool shows you keywords that are ranking your website highly on SERP that you previously did not know about.

Keyword gap tool

I am the kind of person that loves to know what I am going up against before time, it allows me to prepare adequately do when the big day comes I can perform well.

Maybe this is why this tool resonated with me, keyword gap tool allows you to go head-to-head with competitors seeing which keywords you are both ranking for. It allows you to see what keywords make your competitors better or rank more and affords you the ability to make adjustments to your website content and other updates you generally put out.

It is so cool that you can take up to 5 competitors on here and the tool will show you all you need to know about their keywords. However, I will advise you start off with putting just one at a time.

Patience is the key to steady growth so you don’t have to rush and try to bid for any and every keyword.

Asides SEMrush’s impressive list of keyword tools at your disposal, you can also access website review tools. If you are trying to take a closer look at how your website and its content are performing then opting for SEMrush will be one your best options. Here are some of the website review tools in SEMrush:

Backlinks analytics tools

Backlinks are one of the ways Search Engines help to authenticate the quality of web pages out there. Once there are credible backlinks on your site then Search Engines like Google and bing will rank you on their pages, gradually building your website up to become an authority on the topic other links referred to your page for.

As a business looking to grow digitally, you can use this tool to see the calibre of backlinks to your competitors website. SEMrush can help you find specific backlinks to URLs which in turn can help you create detailed content. Ultimately, saving you a huge copywriting budget.

Backlink audit tools

At this stage, you have a substantial amount of information on the number of backlinks on your website. The next questiopn to ask is are these links from reputable sources?

What is the essence of having a ton of backlinks on your website if these sources are not credible enough for Search Engines. Pointless right?

This audit allows you be more dynamic with the content you create, if your website has been attracting the wrong sources then you need to switch things up a bit. There is nothing more defeating than working hard and not improving because that is what happens when the right source do not come to you. This tool is more like weeding out the toxic backlinks in order to find the right blend to strategically up your ranking.

Site Audit

Oh no, the fun does not end in just searching for competitors keywords but SEMrush allows you to do a website audit to see what you are doing right and what needs to be improved upon. Problems that may hinder the site performance can also be made visible through SEMrush, so all those burning questions can be answered though one click.

There are many more perks of using SEMrush for your digital marketing needs which because of brevity sake had to be listed below. I guess I did not want to take all the fun of exploring the tool away. Here are some other advantages of SEMrush:

  • SEO tools suggestions
  • It shows the competitors current google ads.
  • SEMrush allows you to find all your competitors historical ranking.
  • Indepth keyword data: SEMrush shows you a comprehensive list of keyword data that includes:
  • CPC Data
  • Search Trends
  • Volume
  • Number of Results
  • Current Rankings
  • Phrase Match Keywords
  • Related Keywords

How much does SEMrush cost?

After seeing the products specifications and listening to the seller accentuate the value of the product. As a buyer who is thoroughly pleased, the next stage becomes the payment, so why don’t we jump straight to that.

SEMrush can be paid per month but depending on your proclivities, the tool has three plans to suit any type of business.

  • Pro planwhich has a monthly fee of $99.95
  • Guru plan with a monthly fee of $199.95
  • Business plan with a monthly fee of $399.95

Why SEMrush?

The clamour for an efficient SEO tool that guarantees a tremendous increase in brand image and sales has never been as high as it is now. This is mainly because everyone is online hence for your business to thrive, you need to break into the online market. Hence, any business owner looking to take his or her business to the next level should certainly use this tool.

If you desire an improvement in your content Marketing strategies then SEMrush would reveal those loopholes and ultimately help you grow as a brand. In today’s technological climate, you have to care about digital marketing to really take your business to the next level even if you just own a website but  want more traction. SEMrush guarantees all this and more.

My wife loves this tool because her baking business has never experienced such boom since she started and for me anything that makes my wife happy is something worth investing in.

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