Best 5 Keyword Research Tools for SEO (Free and Premium)

With a perfect keyword research tools, you can find thousands of great keyword ideas with their potential traffic volume on any search engine. You will also get the ranking difficulty of that keyword on search engines. Here, we will discuss the five best free and premium keyword research tools:

1. Ahrefs

             Being a keyword research tool, it has a separate Keyword Explorer. It runs on the world’s largest third-party database of search queries.


Features of Ahrefs

  1. Service provided for different search engines
  2. 7 Billion keyword suggestions
  3. 171 countries are covered
  4. Accurate search volume
  5. Difficulty score of a keyword
  6. Position History and SERP Overview
  7. Parent topic of target keyword
  8. Keyword Lists
  9. Advanced Search Engine Optimization Metrics

1. Service Provided for Different Search Engines

In 2017, 90% of the global search engine market was occupied by Google, but Ahrefs also offers keyword research tools for other Nine(9) search engines.

Here you can find reliable keywords for
a. Youtube
b. Amazon
c. Bing
d. Yandex
e. Baidu, and many more.

2. Seven(7) Billion keyword suggestions

In Ahref, you can find an accurate search volume of thousands of keywords. At a time, you can hit 10,000 keywords in one go and get a result. Ahref refines search volume every month by using clickstream.

You get thousands of ideas in six different ways as soon as you hit the multiple keywords in keyword explorer. Then you will able to see ten well-known keywords popping at the top of the list.

What are the six different ways of showing the data of Ahrefs Keyword research tools for SEO?
  1. Search Suggestions: Here, you will get autocomplete suggestions for your target keyword.
  2. Questions: Your target keyword can be phased
  3. Phrase match: It will show your phrase that contains your target keyword
  4. Newly discovered: You will get the latest keywords that are recently added in Ahref’s database.
  5. Rank for Top ranking pages keywords are also available
  6. Having the same terms: You will get more ideas of your target keyword

3. 171 countries are covered

Ahref’s have the keyword database of 171 countries. In that case, you don’t need to worry about the real volume of the target keyword.

4. Accurate Search Volume

In Ahref’s, you can use various filters such as keyword difficulty, search volume, SERP features of Google search engine, and many more. You can find it quickly and prioritize according to your choice. To get more analyzed data, you can combine all the filters. To find an accurate search volume of any keyword, use more filters. Filters will lead you to the exact volume of your keyword.

5. Difficulty score of the keyword

Keyword Difficulty score could give you a “low-hanging fruit.” Ahref determines a score of every keyword in which a score of 100 is the highest and 1 is the lowest. If your target keyword is getting a 90 score in Ahref, it isn’t easy to rank your keyword in any search engine. From this tool, you can get a crystal view of your keyword; you can see your keyword’s pros and cons. Using a low score keyword can easily be ranked on the search engine. This score is determined based on the top 10 search results.

6. Position History and SERP Overview

SERP Overview, from the SERP overview, you can see the top-ranking results, along with their SEO details. In this overview, the SEO metrics include organic traffic, backlinks, and organic keywords on the same page. It can also be determined where these keywords are ranking in SERP.

The Position history report of SERP will show the keywords ranked in the top 5 positions in SERP’s search results. From this, the SERP volatility is determined.

7. Parent topic of target keyword

Ahref identifies the parent topic by giving the name #1 as a ranking page for your keyword and it will also determine the keyword that is sending more traffic to the website. From a single keyword, there are many search results displayed, but which keyword is important that is enabling it to rank at the top is determined by using the ‘parent keyword’ of Ahref.

8. Keyword Lists

This feature lets you save your already explored keyword. This history will be saved as lists, so you can easily view it by a single click whenever you want to revisit.

9 . Advance Search Engine Optimization Metrics

Advanced Search Engine Optimization metric uses many things to determine the exact volume with a difficulty score of the target keyword. Advance SEO Metrics uses clicks, clicks per search, % of clicks, % of paid clicks vs organic clicks, and return rate of that particular target keyword.

Let’s see one by one:
Return Rate: This feature determines which keyword is getting more return rate onto a page.
Clicks: Clicks will show the average number of clicks on that particular keyword.
Clicks Per Search: It shows the clicks on different search results on average, after searching for a particular target keyword.
% of clicks: It shows the percentage of clicks on that keyword by users.
% of paid clicks vs organic clicks: It shows the distribution of search results into a paid search result and organic search result in a percentage.

So it is considered as the best keyword research tool for SEO


Ahrefs also provides Free tools such as

  • Backlink checker
  • Webmaster Tools
  • Website Authority Checker
  • Broken Link Checker
  • Youtube Keyword Tool
  • Keyword Generator
  • Bing Keyword Tool
  • Amazon Keyword Tool
  • SEO Tool Bar
  • SERP Checker
  • Keyword Rank Checker
  • WordPress plugin
  • Keyword Difficulty Checker
  • Website Checker


You can easily start with only 7$


Semrush provides six keyword research tools:


1. Keyword Overview

In the Keyword overview, you can easily find out its estimated value, and competition on that keyword is also shown in exact figures. Through this tool, you can easily determine your target keyword’s volume, keyword difficulty, metrics, CPC, top-ranking pages, competition in paid search, ad copy, and traffic on your target keyword.

How to use it in your PPC and SEO Campaigns?
SEMRUSH also shows the trends, related keyword suggestions, search volume, organic search information, and paid search with a difference. You will also get PPC and SEO metrics. This will also show the country of visitors on that keyword. This country-wise search volume will help you in determining the SEO campaign for both mobile and desktop.

Related keywords and phrase matches: Alternate search keywords will lead to a large number of visitors to a site. It will show the phrase matches and related keyword of the target keyword.

Advertising Trends: This tool identifies the advertisement history on a particular keyword (paid search). A detailed timetable will show the existed advertisement or record of the advertisement. It will also show the position of that keyword on google, its price, and the advertisement’s traffic volume.

SERP Results: The keyword overview provides referring domains, backlinks, page authority, estimated organic traffic, and overall keywords used to rank on a Google SERP.

Advertising Potential of Keyword: Keyword Overview will give you examples of PLA and Ad copies of your target keyword’s search results. From this, you can quickly determine your competitors paid campaigns and enabled you to see the competitors’ ads.

2. Organic Research

With the Organic Research tool, you can easily determine your competitor’s organic keyword rankings and pages. From this tool, you will know the best keyword to rank in SERP and it will show the performing organic keywords of your niche.
Position Report: This report shows the search ranking of a keyword in GOOGLE’s top 100 results.

SEMrush stats

Competitors Report: Competitors Report provides you with a domain’s key organic competitors. This report includes a list of the competitors for the target keyword. It shows in numbers, such as numbers of estimated traffic, number of keywords, traffic cost, and competitive positioning map. The competitive positioning map will give you a competing domain presence.

Pages Report: Through this report, you can analyze the whole page of the website. This report will show you the pages that are ranked in google’s top 100 positions and the keyword that is responsible for ranking this particular page. Competitive analysis is easy when you get a report on advertising keywords and URLs ranks. It will also provide the Subdomains Report.

3. Keyword Magic Tool

The Keyword Magic tool contains 20 billion keywords; it is easy to use and has a streamlined interface.

4. Keyword Gap

Through keyword Gap, you can discover new opportunities in SEO campaigns. Here you can also compare the keyword profile to your competitors

5. Keyword Manager

The keyword manager enables you to analyze 1000 words at once. You can also see real-time keyword competitors and changes in SERP features.

6. Organic Traffic Insights

Organic Traffic Insights provides you a cross-reference data on your website.


SEMRUSH Pro starts from 99$ per month

3. Google Ads: Keyword Planner

Google’s Keyword Planner is one of the best and free keyword research tools. It is user friendly; you can simply use it signing in to google. Through this keyword Planner, you will get keyword suggestions, options to choose the language, and target regions. This Keyword planner freely provides you with the average monthly searches, CPC cost, competition level, and hundreds of suggestions.

Google Keyword Planner

But Google’s Keyword Planner does not provide services that are provided by Ahref’s and SEMrush. Google’s Keyword Planner does not give you the backlink monitoring, domain analysis, SERP keywords, etc. Google provides a free keyword research tool for its advertisers.


Features of Google keyword Planner

  • Look up keyword suggestions filtered by language and region.
  • View average monthly search and competition data, as well as CPC estimates.


Google Keyword Planners is Free to use for all.

4. MOZ 

Moz provides SERP analysis and depth keywords with the best keyword research tools.


Features of Moz

Keyword analysis with search volumes: Moz provides 95% accuracy in a target keyword’s search volume.

Generate and save Keyword list: You can prioritize keywords by topic and save it for later use. You get to save your time and be able to focus on keyword planner.

Exporting Data: Researched suggestions can be exported in well-formatted CSVs, transformed from lists to metrics-rich, and be analyzed.

Question Format Keyword: In Moz, you can find keywords in the form of questions; it will enable you to target long-tail keywords with high relevance. You can target broadly related topics.

Predictive Keyword Metrics: The Predictive Keyword Metrics provides you with expected click-through rates, keyword difficulty, and search volume on that particular keyword. It will help you in predicting the keyword future and enable you to rank and drive traffic.

SERP details: The SERP details provide the answers to these questions, such as which keywords are ranking in SERP, which pages are ranked in that SERP, etc. This will complete the breakdown of the SERP and helps to increase its ranking.

Difficulty of a Keyword: The keyword difficulty scores show how hard and easy to rank a keyword on search engines.

SEO Strategy: The SEO strategy provides the keyword’s ranking in a particular country with a search volume. It will help to determine the SEO strategy for your website.

Competitive keyword analysis: Through this tool, you can find competitive keywords ranking on google.


Moz price starting with $149 per month

 5. KWFinder

It aids you in finding long-tail keywords. After using it, you can quickly analyze the low difficulty SEO keywords with high search volume.


Features of KWFinder

Easy Ranker: KWFinder mentions it has the exact search volume and accurate SEO difficulty keyword.

Competitors Rank: Through this tool, you can easily find your competitors raking keyword by just entering their domain or URL in KWFinder.

Historical Data: The historical data shows you the strength of seasonal keywords. This keyword data may increase your organic traffic to your website.

Local Keyword Research: Here, you can find Location-based long-tail keywords for your website. Here you will get an option of more than 50 thousand locations to choose any explore. With this, you will achieve precise local search results. After getting this data, you can easily convert it into organic traffic to your website.


Price of KWFinder starts from 29$ per month

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