How to Choose a Profitable Blog Niche to Make Money

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For every new blog finding the right niche could be worrisome. A blog niche is simply the topic area you wish to centre your blog content around. Every blog needs a niche to remain active and running so it becomes a daunting task choosing a blogging niche when you start a blog. Niche blogs are likely to gain more audience and lets you have a cycle of the audience who keeps coming back for more. So, how then do you go about choosing a blog niche?

 Below are some important tips when choosing a blog niche.

Area of Interest

It is very important for you to discover an area or a field of interest that you won’t get tired of talking about or researching on. This area of interest could be what you have passion for or what just keeps an idea rushing in. You can’t just choose a blogging niche without putting into consideration if it’s what you are interested in. Also, you won’t want to pick an interest because you feel it will attract a lot of readers. You will be the one to do the writing for the blog, and it really makes the job easier if it’s an aspect you just won’t get tired of. Examples of areas which could be of interest to you are Sport, Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Music, etc.

Topic of Interest

Now the same passion you have for that specific area of interest will be used to choose a deserving topic you wish to write about. It’s not just about picking a topic but about choosing a topic that fits in your idea. You don’t have to necessarily be an expert on this topic just make sure it’s a topic that gets you excited and has a huge audience.

For instance, if you are going with a sporting niche for your blog then you can choose topics concerning the various events like golf, football, tennis, etc. Asides your own passion or interest in the topic you should make sure there are other people who want to read and talk about the topic also.

The Trend of the Topic

The popularity of the topic is to be put in check. Because it’s possible for you to have an interest in a topic and nobody else seems to share in your interest. If this happens it means you are fighting an uphill battle to build a blog that gets much traffic. But this doesn’t mean you need to choose the most trendy topic as it is not a good choice to do that due to competition centring around those niches.

Make sure the trend of your blog niche is an upward movement and not a dying trend. Make use of Google Trends to search about your topic to know if it has more interest and how many people are searching for it. Choosing a topic is not just only about your interest but also about the interest of the public. You might want to go for topics that people are interested in, passionate about, and want to learn more about. Once you have that, it will put your blog niche among trends.



This aspect is neglected by most bloggers when they are to choose a blogging niche. They don’t put into consideration the possible competition that exists in their potential niche and how strong the competition is. The risk of going for the most trendy or popular niche is that you might be competing against some powerful and top sites in those niches.

Although this should not be a deciding factor when choosing a blog niche. But it should be put into consideration as it might help you shape your niche and give your blog an edge over every other competing blog that is also on your niche. The more aware you are about the level of competition you are likely to face in your chosen niche the more prepared you are to take on every challenge as it won’t hit you by surprise.

Mind you it is a good sign if your niche has competition. It means others are talking and delving into your blog niche. To do a competition review search about your niche you can make use of Google. Go to Facebook to see how many active groups, pages, etc you have on your niche. Make do with a Twitter check also and check the Twitter accounts of people involved within your niche to know the numbers of followers they have (should not be less than 1,000).

Future of the Niche

I’m very sure you won’t want to start a blog niche now and watch it fizzle out sooner than later. It is of great importance to consider the sustainability of your niche and put it to check if it will still be of relevance in the nearest future. Your blog niche must be able to pass the test of time and must be one that will keep giving you ideas of new content on the same niche over time.

Before you choose a blogging niche check to see if it has been around for long and that people have been onto it over a period of time as it is obvious that a topic that has been on the scene over time will certainly still be around for a while. As I love to say a long term work or project will eventually fetch you a great reward. This is to say you stand a great chance of having huge profits if your blog niche stood the test of time.

The Potential Profit

Potential Profit

A lot of people won’t want to embark on a project without seeing how possible it is to make money off it even though the money-making aspect is a thing that comes patiently. Thinking of a profitable blog niche could just aid you in choosing a blog niche that will be monetary and help you earn a good income.

So, how do you come by a profitable niche? Check to see if any brand or business is advertising for your niche. If yes then you have made a great choice. Make research to know the blog niche that has more people advertising on it and check to see if it has Amazon product ads on it. Amazon’s affiliate program is another way to make that extra profit from your blog niche. Other affiliate offers are available on affiliate networks such as Clickbank,, and ShareASale.

Think of a Problem to Solve

When you are to choose a blog niche you should think of societal problems to solve or think of a question that needs an answer. You should think of a topic, questions, or issues a large number of people or audiences are seeking answers to. Your niche should be an answer or a solution to someone’s problem. When you think of solving the problem of others you are indirectly solving your problems too.

By thinking of a blog niche that will be an answer to the questions of your audience you have successfully fixed your headache on how to choose a blogging niche. Also by trying to drop a niche which answers to your audience need on a regular basis, it means you get more audience and the more the audience the more the trafficking, the more the traffic you generate the more money you make from your blog niche which is a win-win situation for you.

Age Target of your Audience

This is a very crucial aspect most bloggers don’t pay attention to when choosing a blog niche probably because it has not been thought about extensively. Before you choose a blogging niche it is best you design the age group of your targeted audience as this will help you narrow down your work and you will have a full sight set on your ideal niche.

The age group to be considered could be narrowed down to the Kids, Adolescent, Youth, Adults, or even the Aged. That way you will easily have ideas of a blogging niche to go with simply because you now have a centered audience. It is possible you can make your blog niche for all ages. But its a better choice to have a set audience so that you won’t have to work yourself out.

Think of a Fresher Perspective

When considering a blog niche think of how possibly you would be able to bring a fresh idea to that niche. As you know we have so many blogs out there and the niche you planned to go for probably has a lot of blogs on it already. So when deciding the best niche for your blog, you should think of how well you can bring forward a new and fresh idea on that niche.

When you consider this then you won’t give your audience what they can easily get elsewhere and you won’t be giving exactly what other bloggers are giving hence your work will stand out from the rest. Do you need a large audience? Then you have to offer them something different and give them a reason to stay on your blog.

Study and Analyse your Interest

Study and Analyze

It is very good to study wide before you make a decision on what your blog niche would look like. You might have developed a natural interest in a specific area for your blog niche which you know little or nothing about. Studying your niche well will help you to decide if you really want to go for it. Make a research on the niche of your choice, check the internet- make use of search engines like Google, learn how to go about it even before getting started with your niche.

Analyze your interest in that niche, be self-critical. Draw a map of what you want your niche to look like, your blogs ideal audience. This is where the mathematics comes in to try to analyze your blog niche even to the smallest details. The smallest details could be your ability and depth to carry on with that niche. Or it could be about your audience age group, sex, social standards, etc. Make sure you know more about what you are starting before getting started. Knowledge is key.

Final thought. Once you follow these tips and you figure out the right niche for your blog post start writing and creating outstanding content on it and let your difference shine through. Be consistent as building a large audience will only come gradually. That way you will eventually see a successful outcome of your work.

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