10 Best Websites for Designers to get Freelance Jobs

The gig economy has grown at a truly remarkable rate over the course of the past decade and a half. The primary reason behind this growth is primarily down to the growth of the internet that has allowed people to be connected to each other globally. The freelance jobs marketplace has grown exponentially and now it is a multibillion-dollar industry. However, competition for designing freelance jobs has also gone up exponentially and a freelance worker needs to be quite creative when it comes to getting a consistent worker.

Moreover, the coronavirus pandemic and the loss of jobs in many parts of the world have only resulted in a sudden rise in the number of potential freelance contractors. Hence, competition has heightened further. That being said, it is necessary to keep in mind that the internet is still the best place when it comes to hunting for freelance jobs. Here is a look at some of the best websites for anyone looking to get freelance jobs.

List Of Freelance Job Websites

1. 99 Designs

freelance jobs

This is a bit unique when it comes to freelance designer sites. The whole process is quite different from standard freelance job sites. On 99 Designs, a client puts up a contest in which designers are supposed to participate. Eventually, the client in question picks out one of the entries and the freelancer is paid out his dues. However, those who miss out don’t get paid anything. It could often prove to be a bit risky to devote too much time to 99 Designs contests.

2. Art Wanted

Art Wanted

This is not exactly a freelance job site for designers but Art Wanted can lead to substantial earnings if things go right. This is more of a marketplace where you can showcase your works of art. Potential buyers are allowed to search the website’s entire catalogue by way of keywords and can buy works that they like. Hence, it could be a massive opportunity for talented artists to showcase and potentially sell their works to a global audience.

3. Design Crowd

Design Crowd

Like Art Wanted, Design Crowd is also a marketplace meant for designers. In addition to that, it is also necessary to mention that the website also offers contests in which designers can participate. However, at this point, the website does not have as many users as most of the other leading design job marketplaces. While that may be a drawback, it can also work to the advantage of newcomers who would not have to compete with seasoned professionals for freelance jobs.

4. Envato Studios

Envato Studio

Another excellent resource for designers looking for freelance jobs is the website Envato Studios. It is particularly appealing since Envato is primarily involved with a particular niche of the design market. It is best known for being the place to go to for clients who are looking for logo designs. So, if a freelance designer is adept at making logos, Envato could be the place to be for him. The turnaround times regarding payments are also quite fast and many freelance designers have thrived on Envato.

5. Coroflot


This is the website to sign up for if you are an experienced designer who has decided to venture into freelance work. On Coroflot, a freelancer can upload his entire portfolio for potential clients to see. On the other hand, clients post about the freelance jobs that they need to complete. Coroflot helps in connecting the clients to the freelance designers and the website has worked quite well for experienced freelancers so far.

6. CrowdSPRING


In recent times, CrowdSPRING has emerged as one of the best resources for designers who are looking for freelance work online. The website is fully dedicated to designers and similar creative workers. Hence, a wide variety of design work is made available on the platform. A wide variety of design work is available on the website and more importantly, freelance designers can join CrowdSPRING for free. Unlike many other freelance job websites, CrowdSPRING does not have any invitation process or a waiting list.

7. Working not Working

Working Not Working

When it comes to freelance job websites, Working not Working has built up a reputation for excellence and can often lead to substantial earnings for freelance designers. The website has a strict screening process but once someone is in, there is no limit to potential earnings. Some of the world’s biggest companies like Google and Apple post on the website with regards to freelance jobs and it is easy to see why the website is so strict with the screening process.

8. Smashing Magazine

freelance jobs

Since as long as freelance jobs have existed online, job boards have been the place to go to for freelancers and at this point there are probably too many of them. Hence, freelance designers need to be smart with regards to the job boards they choose for landing new jobs. One of the best job boards for designers at this point is Smashing Magazine. It also lists jobs for developers, but it lists plenty of opportunities for designers daily.

The jobs are listed as per the duration it is going to take to complete them and hence, designers can sort those out in accordance with the time they can devote to a particular job. This feature can also help someone who might be working as a freelancer on the side while holding down a full-time job.

9. Dribble

Freelance Jobs

This is not a place where you might land a new freelance designer job but more of a community for designers. You can submit your own designs and then other designers on the website provide feedback with regards to the work. In a competitive climate, it is essential to improve one’s work constantly and Dribble is a website that provides an excellent avenue for the same. Additionally, it creates a community that can always lead to bigger things in the future.

10. Bidding Sites

Last but not least, freelance designers should also make it a point to make an account on some of the well known online freelance websites in which people have to place bids for projects. Some of the leading websites at this point in time are Freelancer, Upwork, Guru and Odesk. There are plenty of clients who are looking for skilled designers for their projects and over the years, freelance designers have managed to get plenty of work through these websites.


However, one must know how to pitch and have some idea about the sort of bids that might win the day. Lastly, there is Fiver as well and has now emerged as one of the best freelance marketplaces for freelance designers.

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