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Great opportunity for smaller website owners to make money from blogs by monetizing through ad networks. In this blog, we discussed the best way to make money if you have a good amount of traffic/visitors and the best AdSense alternatives websites for those who have not AdSense approval and begin to make money with their blogs.

What is Google Adsense?

Google AdSense is a Google Inc. software that enables content sites’ Google Network publishers to automatically serve text, photos, videos, and wealthy media advertising for web content and audiences.

Google handles, selects, and retains these ads and can produce income either per click or per impression.

There is plenty of alternative publicity services that can provide you with excellent functionality to help you produce extra income from your website if you haven’t already built an AdSense account, have difficulty with approving it, or want to redirect your revenue.

Here is the list of the top 7 High CPM Google Adsense alternatives:

1. PropellerAds

AdSense Alternatives

PropellerAds is one of 32K advertisers’ most important Adsense alternatives ads networks. It provides aggressive, high CPM ad formats including interstitial publicity, pushes alerts, and push ads. PropellerAds is suitable for small publishers seeking to deliver aggressive returns. There is no minimum traffic requirement.

Is it payable more than AdSense by Propeller Ad?

Overall, yeah. PropellerAds’ popup and push ads are more attacking. This leads to greater viewing and faster speeds (CTR). PropellerAds will also produce more revenue than Google AdSense. The consistency of the seen ads, however, is normally not as good as what one would see with AdSense from the viewpoint of product policy.

2. Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads

Amazon Native Ads

These indigenous advertisements provide Amazon website users with product recommendations. Based on the consumer and website content, Amazon chooses the product recommendations. Publishing companies may obtain a reporting fee based on product type sold as well as “bounty events,” such as an Amazon Prime video trial customer signing.

Is it payable more than AdSense by Amazon’s Native Shopping Ads?

It depends on your website’s content. Amazon’s native advertisements will surpass AdSense if you are in a product-oriented niche such as consumer electronics or fitness equipment. However, a combination of AdSense and Amazon native ads is used by most site owners to have a good user experience.

3. PopAds – High CPM Ad Network


As its names mean, PopAds is specialized in poplar digital publicity that claims to be the best-paid publicity network for this kind of publicity. Their network consists of marketers from more than 50 countries and provides advertisers as well as publishers an acceptable procedure.

There are several options aimed at helping you improve your promotions, and you have full control over what you want to pay.

This uses a state-of-the-art bidding system to choose how much every common payer needs. The less traffic you get, the lower the bid. To ensure compliance with such qualitative criteria, all publishing sites are checked by individuals.

4. Adsterra – Best Google Alternative (High CPM)


Adsterra provides both publishers and advertisers with fantastic advertising options so that they can adopt a modern strategy that is not focused on Google.

The network is a rapidly expanding, well-established network with a monthly effect of over 10 billion. Adsterra makes it incredibly simple with its user-friendly AdSense alternative for blogger platform to monetize the website traffic, which is why it is one of the world’s leading digital advertisers.

It also offers innovative ad formats for online and smartphone advertising such as popunders, pre-roll videos, and push notifications along with related ads such as banner displays.

● The minimum payout for Wire is $1000.

● The minimum payout for Webmoney, Paxum is $5.

● The minimum payout for PayPal, Bitcoin, USDT (Tether) is $100.

● All payments are processed in USD (wires can be processed in EUR).

● Payments are automatic (no need to request them).

5. is the world’s second-largest network of backdrop ads. He is an AdSense direct competitor with access to Yahoo! and Bing searches exclusively. Big brands like CNN, Forbes, and Reuters are monetizing their content using gives you access to:

● Video advertising

● Mobile advertising

● Display advertising

● Native advertising

Is it payable more than AdSense by

AdSense normally fits well over the fold on banners. typically functions best with the content or sticky sidebars in advertisement spaces. In product-light niches, though AdSense also improves, works better in product-heavy niche applications.

6. InfoLinks


InfoLinks provides the industry’s highest click rate and leads the market with groundbreaking innovations to deliver the highest ROI to our announcers and our publishers.

Infolinks you earn pay per click (PPC) of announcements and not the impressions on the links. This does not guarantee you an acceptable income and may take you several months to see any income generated on your account. You may also use Infolinks with other ad networking sites, but there is a threshold cap for payment.

7. RevenueHits


RevenueHits is an ad network self-service for publishers with a 100 percent fill rate served daily by over 2 BILLION advertisements.

Right now, Sales Hits are the best choice in the blogosphere. The CPA (Cost Per Action) framework is a performance-based publicity network. It is a pricing advertisement model for which the advertiser pays when the visitor submits for each action, such as registration to its website services, etc.

RevenueHits has an extensive inventory of advertisements that include powerful text and commercials that support performance-based deals. This alternative allows you to raise sales and increase your profitability by supplying these kinds of tested advertising.

RevenueHits is owned and managed by MyAdWise Limited, a start-up firm founded in Israel by seasoned technology professionals in 2008.

Last thoughts on the best AdSense alternative choices

You will want to make more money online by using a lot of websites that are similar to AdSense. The main reason for making money from these AdSense alternatives is that you must carry proper traffic from search engines to your websites.

Bear in mind that search traffic is the secret to making revenue from these ad platforms. The more search traffic you get, the more clicks and clicks you can create, the more money you can save on AdSense alternatives.

And what do you think of the AdSense-like websites? Have we skipped any of your favourite choices for Google AdSense alternatives? In the comments, voice your opinion.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Who pays more than AdSense?

The bidding header costs pays more than AdSense. Header bids allow you to attach your publicity space to several publicity partners (not just Google). Competition and sales are improved.

2. Can I use other ads with AdSense?

Yeah, along with other tools such as Header Bidding or Amazon affiliate connections, you can use AdSense. You will raise and diversify the sales with a mixed strategy. AdSense fits well in old units of advertising. Header bidding works better on the ad units below the fold, and on the product pages, Amazon affiliate connections work best.

3. Which is the best AdSense alternative?

Header bidding is the perfect AdSense alternatives. In general, websites see a 27% – 77% boost in sales when transitioning to the header offerings. AdSense restricts you to a publicity provider – Google. You can access an unlimited number of advertising partners through header bidding. You boost the competition for your website advertising space by adding more advertising partners. This means that advertisers must work harder to win and the sales will rise.

4. Can I get Instant Approval on these Ad Networks?

Yeah, naturally! These are the highest-ranked ad network sites. You can get approval on your blog quickly and instantly. websites also have approval. It may take 24 hours for some ad networks to see your website, but you are 99% guaranteed to get your site approved.

5. What type of Ad Formats I will get?

So many publicity formats are available, such as text ads, direct link ads, video updates, banner ads, pop-under ads, social bar (Adsterra), etc.

6. Why should I use Google Adsense Alternative?

You don’t have the chance to get Adsense approval if you’re facing trouble or want to create any extra revenue if you have a download website such as movies, pages for downloading apps, songs, or download sites for videos.

Most bloggers would be frustrated at that point. So for this issue, we’ve got a cure. Try to gain some money from one of these AdSense alternatives.

7. Is Infolinks better than Adsense?

You will be delighted to know that Infolinks’ acceptance rate is much higher than AdSense and that the minimum payment is just $50. Moreover, it is a completely free website, and in less than a minute you can set up an Infolinks account.

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