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Imagine after finishing up a blog post going through many hours of researching, outlining, and content writing only to review how much audience you got and how hopefully enough they will trust your brand, share your content and purchase your product but it was below your expectations.

And you felt bad and you feel like giving up that dream of running a blog. Hey, this is not the time to give up you have just come to the right place where you will get a handful of knowledge on how to promote your blog and how to drive traffic to your blog. The various ways you can promote your blog includes

Create a blog content of high-quality

Have you ever consider creating SEO friendly content? Well, you have to. You have to stop creating content for the sake of just putting something on your blog and you have to start creating content of high-quality with keywords that are search engine optimized.

Studies show that blogs with high-quality content drive more traffic than ones with low content. Google gives high priority to websites with high-quality content, so if you want to get more attention from search engines make sure your contents are of high quality and optimized.

Pick a niche that trend

Another way to promote your blog is to pick a niche of that trend. Don’t shy away from trends, your blog needs to be based on trends and recent news to stay fresh and updated. Make use of Google Trends, Feedly, BuzzSumo, and SEMrush‘s Keyword Difficulty Tool, to inquire what’s in demand.

The topic you talk about on your blog really matters as it’s your topic that will attract potential readers to your website.

Make do with social media

Social media is one of the simplest and easier ways to promote your blog. Make sure you share every of your new blog posts across your social media networks such as  LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+. If you share your quality content on these social media networks, then social media could be your no. 1 traffic source for your blog.

Social media

See this, for example, LinkedIn now has nearly 690+ million users in more than 200 countries and territories worldwide ( Imagine taking advantage of those numbers to yourself by sharing your blog posts on LinkedIn alone. But most people don’t think about this, now you do.

Visualize your content

To promote your blog try to incorporate short video clips and photos into your content. By doing this you make your blog more visually appealing to your potential readers and you can also include keywords in the Alt image tag on the photo thereby boosting search engine optimization for your site.

 Text-based content is actually good but studies show that information retention is significantly higher for visual content than it is for text. People don’t have enough time to read every single blog post out there so try using visuals such as comics, infographics, memes, videos, etc on your blog.

Make use of keywords

This is another way to generate more traffic to your website. Keywords are very essential to search engine optimization. Do keyword research to add to your content. Keyword research is a technique used by content creators and SEO experts.

Keyword research helps you to know the word that people are searching for, it helps you discover specific words and sentences that people type in Google and other search engines to find the content they are looking for.

So by adding a keyword or key phrase that you believe potential readers would use to find your post helps to generate traffic for your blog. Making use of keywords in your content helps Google understand what the page is about, which can then bring about more traffic from the search engine.

Optimize for speed

Make sure you improve your blog’s loading time as no one is ready to stay around for your blog post to load. If your website is slow to respond then users will simply leave your site before it loads as research has it that 47% of readers now expect a page to load in 2 seconds.

It’s important you know search engines like Google, Wikipedia, etc also consider website speed and page load time as one of the important ranking factors.

Optimize for speed

To make sure that your website loads fast, you need to optimize your WordPress performance. This means you need to use caching, avoid unnecessary bloat, and optimize your images. You can make use of Google’s Page Speed Insights tool to check your speed score as well as tips on what you can do to improve your site speed.

Connect with influential people in your niche

Influencers can be an effective spokesperson for your blog and a great way to reach a target audience and improve your blog’s awareness. An outstanding way to gain more audience to your blog is to seek out and connect with influential people in your niche. To achieve this you can make use of smart blogger outreach to seek out people that are in your niche.

To promote or drive traffic to your blog, start reaching out to other influential bloggers, startup founders, podcast hosts, authors, and speakers in the greater blogging community. Once you could connect with influential people in your niche you can then make use of the next strategy- guest posting- which will be talked about extensively in the next tips.

Guest blogging/posting

Another way to promote your blog is by guest blogging. Guest blogging is one of the proven ways to increase the number of traffic you get on your website. This technique is often called referral traffic. This method involves posting as a guest on relevant blogs within your industry or vertical niche.

You connect with influencers and other content producers, offer to provide content on a certain topic, and provide the post in exchange for an author box with a link back to your site and from there you tend to drive more traffic to your site although you may not see overnight trafficking flooding back to your website but it’s still a good way to promote your blog.

Allow the same process on your blog too– allowing others to post on your blog not only increases the chance for referral traffic back and forth, but it also builds relationships that become part of your networking strategy. Then there’s the added bonus of having others fill your content calendar with content, giving you the occasional much-needed break from writing.

 Make your content readable/shareable

Do you want to promote your blog? Then it is part of your job to create content that is readable and shearable. A high range of readers will stay on your blog if your content is readable and easy to comprehend. But a slight difficulty in reading or understanding your posts will put off your audience and they will leave without looking at all the useful information that you offered.

A good way to make your content readable and shareable is to present your content in bite-size sentences using a friendly tone and a lot of visuals. To make content more readable try using smaller sentences and paragraphs as this leaves a lot of white space around text making it easier to look and read.

 Email marketing

Email marketing can be a very powerful tool and even a moderately successful email marketing can result in upward traffic movements. All it takes is to email your subscribers when an article goes live, they go read it and then make use of your share button to share it with people then those people subscribe and you continue the same way.

Email marketing

But you don’t go bombarding people with relentless emails about every one of your single updates. To avoid that you can have a set plan on when best to send your emails.

A friendly email reminder about a new service or product can help you boost your traffic, give it a try.

Post more

The more often you update your blog the more traffic it will receive. When you do something consistently there is a high probability of getting more audience in what you do. The same strategy applies here when you post more on your blog there is a tendency of you getting increased traffic.

It is amazing to know that Google gives higher priority to websites with fresh content, so if you want to get more attention from the search engines keep your blog fresh. It is advisable to update your blog at least twice a week.

Be interactive

This is one of the most effective ways to promote your blog. This goes down in two ways; interact with your audience and also create an interactive section in every comment section you found yourself.

Firstly, the plan is to establish good communication measures with your audience. Engage your audience and bring them into the conversation. Leave your comment box open and try to respond to the comments on your blog. Ask your audience questions and identify how to best help them.

Secondly, make friends with other bloggers in your niche. Comment on their blogs, try to be as interactive as you can and be active on every social network you find yourself. By doing this you are creating awareness for yourself which in turn drive traffic to your blog.

The goal is to make a name for yourself by providing insightful, thought-provoking on industry blogs and sites. This can subsequently promote your own blog. Just remember that, as with guest posting, quality and relevance are key – you should be engaging with other people in your niche, not dropping spam links on unrelated websites.

After all said, one thing that is key is quality. No one will settle for less, giving quality in all you offer is key to success. A quality blog will definitely drive traffic. Put on quality content, offer quality conversation, send quality emails, advertise quality products on your blog and your blog will never go down.

Finally, consistency is key in whatever we do. All these strategies are a trusted way to promote your blog. I hope these tips helped you increase your blog traffic. Stick to them and you’ll certainly get fresh readers to your blog regularly.

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