How To Create A Free Google Website For Your Business (2022)

This article will help you to grow your business by creating a free Google website in simple steps.

A web presence is essential to be found online, especially these days. According to, nearly a third of consumers in the United States search online for a local business every day. It’s simple: websites are essential to attracting new customers.

A website is invaluable in other ways as well, such as displaying your products and increasing leads. However, your website doesn’t have to cost a fortune and include the latest features. If you’re a small business that just wants customers to know who you are and what you do, a free website from Google may be just what you’re looking for.

What is Google’s Free Website Builder?

Google’s free website builder is part of Google My Business and helps customers find you online.

When creating your website, Google takes the information from your GMB business profile and uses it for the basic components of your website. Other than a few customizations, it’s pretty cool to go from there.

Although it comes at no cost, Google’s free websites look professional and offer a selection of contemporary themes.

Google website builder is suitable for everyone, even beginners. No need to be technical with a free Google website and don’t worry about extensive backups.

Additional benefits with a free website from Google are:

  • You don’t have to rely on social media: Not all potential customers are on social media, and many may not be on the platforms you like best. Having a website of your own, where people can Google your name or what you sell and find your information without logging in to Facebook or Twitter, can attract those customers.
  • Ease of use: One of the main benefits of a free website from Google is its simplicity and its offers great looking websites. For example, even the free version of WordPress can seem overwhelming to the absolute beginner, with menus, pages, sub-menus, etc.
  • Provides the essentials: If you are not looking for a full e-commerce experience, all you need is a free website from Google to reach a wider audience.

Here are a few more reasons why you should use a free Google website to get connected.

Why should you create a website with Google’s free tool?

Only 64% of small businesses have websites. Meanwhile, 70% of potential customers are more likely to buy from a business with a website.

This means that 36% of companies may be losing 70% of buyers.

Websites make businesses look more legitimate, especially if the website looks professional. With almost no time to set up and minimal maintenance, Google’s websites can seem like you spent hours and thousands of dollars making them look great.

You can create your personal blog for free on Blogger easily, but you should go for a professional website when it’s about your business. If you find Google’s free website, why not take advantage of its ease of setup and free features?

Google Website Builder Features

The first thing that distinguishes Google’s business websites from others is that they automatically create the site for you. You can modify things as you need, but if you have a Google My Business account and select the website option, it will automatically populate the information for a site with the template of your choice.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity. A free Google My Business website offers many features.

For example, it provides you with built-in optimization so that customers can:

  • Contact you or send you a message
  • Place orders
  • Get quotes for services
  • Book your services or arrange deliveries

Additionally, a free website from Google allows you to “show what makes your business special” by:

  • Images
  • Stories
  • Publications

Other noteworthy features are:

  • Integration with Google Maps and Calendar
  • Carousel of images and video links
  • Connection with Google Drive

In addition to the above, Google offers you automatic updates, advertising and it is also optimized for mobile devices.

As you can see, a free website from Google offers a lot to the new business owner, but how does it compare to others?

Google website builder versus WordPress and other similar tools

Google’s website builder’s one-page format outperforms many other options when it comes to simplicity.

Also, it creates a website with almost no effort on your side, which is where Google’s product stands out from similar tools. It also allows you to import images with just a few clicks and you can track analytics, so overall it gives you the essentials.

The other main advantage over your rivals is that you don’t start from scratch and you don’t make all the decisions yourself.

Although it may seem basic to some, Google gives you a great looking and functional website, and with some imagination, it delivers impressive results.

For inspiration, check out what Steel Mailbox did with theirs. This Google business website starts with the basics that can be gleaned from business information (eg, the directions feature).

Steel Mailbox website

If you click on the “Hamburger” in the upper left, you will see options that the business chose to add, which take you to different areas of the page. One cool feature they added was a list of mailbox types with short definitions of each. This allows mailbox searchers to understand what type they need without having to search the non-Google Steel Mailbox site.

If a customer clicks on one of those blue links, they are redirected directly to the type of mailbox they are looking for. If they visited the main site, and you can have a simple Google business site and a more detailed one, they would probably have to do more research to find exactly what they need.

What a great feature for customers on the go.

When it comes to this type of website, perhaps your weakest area is ongoing SEO optimization, but you can use a free or paid tool to find keywords and include them in your descriptions and posts.


While WordPress is used by bloggers, Fortune 500 companies, and small businesses to build their websites, it is a content management system.

WordPress pricing plans for website

You have two options to get started. offers you the free version, while offers a paid one.

At the free level, the most significant difference between Google and WordPress is that you can create multiple pages within your site, whereas Google has a one-page format.

When you hit the paid tiers, you can add additional features.

While WordPress offers many more features than Google’s websites, no matter what tier you use, you have to start from scratch. Nothing completes automatically. However, there are many tutorials online if you are just learning and won’t need to do any code.


Wix is ​​another free website builder, though it also offers premium and e-commerce plans. Getting started is simple. Just sign up or log in with Facebook or Google to get started.

Wix website builder free and paid

Like WordPress, the free tier has relatively limited functionality. However, if you’re willing to pay, you can access hundreds of templates, additional types of analysis, and more.

Wix offers 500 different templates, and its drag-and-drop feature means that beginners can use it without the need for technical knowledge.

Other features include:

  • Media galleries
  • Mobile optimization
  • Unlimited fonts
  • Personalized SEO plan

Wix also provides coding for visitor tracking, while its analytics tool shows your sales, traffic, and visitor behaviour.

How to Customize Your Free Google Website

Once you have set up your Google My Business page (detailed steps are in the next section), you will be able to view your free Google website in a standard setup. You can then start customizing from there.

The list closest to your sample site includes things you can do right now, like adding photos, text, and themes. The one furthest to the left includes:

  • Home
  • Publications
  • Reviews
  • Messages
  • Products
  • Perspectives

Take the time to learn about these options and which one does each.

From the home page, you can also:

  • finalize your profile by adding opening hours, descriptions and logos
  • update customers on news and events
  • create a custom @yourbusiness email address
  • launch virtue tours and create ads

You can view the themes, add images with a photo gallery, and edit your site categories from the other menu.

To better configure your site, follow these steps:

  1. Choose your theme: To personalize, the most obvious starting point is to look at the themes. There are ten to choose from, all with different text colours and styles. Click on them one by one to see which theme best suits your business style and the image you want to convey.
  2. Add Photos: Click the upper right corner of the header image, drag your photo, or upload one from your computer. To add other images, click on “photos” on the left side.
  3. Editing: Edit the text by clicking the blue “Edit” button below the photos.
  4. Additional Changes – Click “More” to change settings, post, or get tips on getting customers.

It is easy! You’ve finished creating your free Google website and should be ready to start getting noticed online.

How to Create Your Free Google Website

Before creating your website, set up your Google my Business page, if you haven’t already. Here’s how to do it.

1. Go to the Google website builder.

You are looking for the title “website”. It is the third from the top.

2. Add your company name and click the blue arrow.

3. Add your business category.

If your service or industry is not well defined, add the class that best represents your company. Click Next.”

4. Select your location preferences.

Now Google asks if you want your business location to appear on your website. Select “Yes, I want it to appear on my website” or “No, I prefer not to”. Depending on the type of business, you may need to include an address. Choose the appropriate option and click “Next”.

5. Choose if your company offers deliveries or services.

Choose whether your company offers deliveries or services. This step is optional.

6. Add your region and click “Next”.

7. Add your phone number.

8. Add your business address details, including country and postal code.

9. Verify your account.

10. Do this by clicking on the “Home” page, which you will find at the top of the menu on the left, and following the “Verify” link.

You are ready to start building your free Google website!

FAQs about creating a free website from Google

What is the main benefit of a free website from Google?

Unlike your rivals, you don’t start from scratch and you don’t make all the decisions yourself. While it may seem basic to some, a Google site gives you a great-looking, functional website, and with a little imagination, you’ll get impressive results.

How do I set up a Google My Business page?

Google provides step-by-step instructions.

Do I need technical knowledge to create a free website from Google?

No, a free website from Google creates a professional-looking website with minimal involvement from you.

How does a free Google website stack up against its rivals?

While other options offer additional features, Google outshines its competitors when it comes to simplicity and ease of use.


Having an online presence is a must these days. If potential customers can’t find your website, chances are you’re losing customers.

However, creating a website does not mean spending a lot of money or requiring technical knowledge. Instead, you can get started with a free website from Google and set it up in a few easy steps.

Once you’re online, you can start to benefit from additional leads, more customers, and more conversions – all you need to increase your business success rate and grow a successful business.

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